About Ettore Riva.
I'm a French photographer based in Paris.
My Italian origins, from Sardinia, mean that I also love art, beauty and singularity.
I like to share my vision of the world, its beauty.
It was Instagram that made me want to develop my artistic productions, meet other talents and exchange ideas.
My passion for photography has developed over the years as I wandered around the capital.
In this site, you can see and discover my work as a photographer, my collaborations and also have access to my store.

Content creator, I like to produce stories, to tell life, the world around us, Paris.
For more than five years now, I have been sharing my photographs and my work on the social network Instagram.
Don’t hesitate to follow my adventures on the link below, Ettore_Riva !

At the end of 2021, I created and developed my company, Ettore Riva Productions, to allow me to continue being a content creator, a photographer, but also to make my dreams come true, having a boat in Paris and sailing on the Seine.

For this I decided to buy a boat and organize and develop private cruises in Paris. I developed the ParisBoatClub brand which manages outings and walks on the Seine to discover Paris with a unique eye.
In 2024, the Olympic Games will take place in Paris and it will be a unique opportunity to have them in Paris.

About Ettore Riva - Copyright @Ettore_Riva

Ettore Riva Photographer based in Paris